Roller blinds

Attractive window decoration with single rolling fabric for both interior & exterior. Wide range of color selection enables you to mix and match color of Sharp Point Roller Blinds with the interior and furniture of your living / working space.


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Vertical blinds 

Vertical Blinds can be an alternative for curtain, used to control vertical sunlight intensity inside a room


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Roman Shade-based innovation with clasping system that enhance versatility in fabric choosing.

Skylight is a beautiful and modern way to lighten up your area, due to it's ability to control levels of sunlight


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Hospital track

Aesthetic combined with hygiene to provide better healthcare for everyone.

Choose from standard or anti bacterial fabric to be installed with Sharp Point Hospital Track.

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Wooden blinds

Wooden Blinds bring natural beauty of wood into both your living and working spaces. Made from highest quality, hand selected tropical wood.


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Honeycomb blinds

Honeycomb with hollow space fabric separates sunlight from it's heat, creating a warm ambient without the heat.


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